About Us

IZERE SERVICES AND TRADING Co.LTD has been processing and delivering fresh fruit and vegetables since 2012. IZERE SERVICES AND TRADING Co.LTD have qualified permanent staff and have extended experience in fruit and vegetable processing and supply. IZERE SERVICES AND TRADING Co.LTD has developed documented procedure and manual to ensure effective control of operations. Scope The HACCP system of IZERE SERVICES AND TRADING Co. Ltd is from reception of fresh produce (fruits and vegetables, root and tubers), followed by Grading, Sorting, Weighing, Washing, stacking in plastic green crates, Cold storage, Stacking of crates of fresh produce in vehicle and finally Cold distribution to customers. IZERE SERVICES AND TRADING Co. Ltd, currently receives and processes fresh produce at only one site located at Nyabugogo, Muhima Sector, Nyarugenge district, City of Kigali. Company quality management system The company has developed and implement its food safety management system based on HACCP Standard RS 184:2017. It covers all aspects of sourcing the produces from farmers, processing and distribute them to the clients.
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PHONE:  +250 788 308 300 / +250 783 105 839     EMAIL:  info@izere.rw                                                          ADDRESS: Kigali City, Nyarugenge District, Muhima sector, Nyabugogo Commercial Center.