Our Products

The company’s activities are divided into two major production lines:

     Hot line: Where there groceries and all that is vegetable.                                  Cold line: Where we produce flesh products like chicken, beef, fish etc.

One key aspect of the company’s policy is the ability of producer members to adhere to the IZERE production terms and any specific requirements of the client. In this context, the assistance IZERE offers farm manufacturers through its Agronomy Service has a strategic role, from farming, corporatism, from assistance in the application of the production measures to the identification of optimum seeding and harvest periods until quality procession is maintained for the end users (our clients). 

30% of the fruit transformed by the company derives from  pesticide-free  production, carried out using methods developed by IZERE. Also of increasing relevance is the organic production certified by RURA Rwand   


We operate on the market as a producer of conventional and organic
vegetable-based beverages with flexibility and a wide range of formats,
guaranteeing full support for the development of the ranges of our
customers, whether owners of distributor store brands or industrial brands.


All of our vegetables are cultivated during those periods naturally indicated for their optimum development, “as mother nature intended”. Just a few hours pass between the picking of the vegetables and their freezing. This makes it possible to safeguard their natural and organoleptic properties